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Healthy Living Tips




Tips for Healthy Living


  • At a buffet, reception or pot luck, survey all the choices first, rather than just starting at the beginning and loading the plate. Think: protein, fiber/starch, vegetable, fruit and then a treat. Take it easy on the sauces and gravies. Try to get it all on one plate. This reduces the tendency to take too much.
  • Sit down to eat. Even at a function where people are milling around, fill a small plate with favorite nutritious choices, find a chair and sit. This will aid digestion and satiety. Frequently, others will sit with you.
  • 5 A Day. Research indicates that eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily reduces the risk of certain cancers. So easy! Cut up a raw carrot to add to supper, even if it’s fast food. Remember that chili beans and baked potatoes count (easy on the sour cream). Put an apple or a box of raisins in the car each morning to eat on the way home from work.
  • Start each day with foods that give you a nutrient bang for your buck: whole grain cereals, skim milk, orange juice, fruit, or yogurt with a bagel. Try to reduce intake of low- yield coffee, soda, donuts and other baked, boxed or bagged sweets and snacks.


  • Cherish the body and spirit. Be proactive with health and body function through out the life span. Think about how you liked to play as a kid and do some of those things again. Or for the first time. Do something you always wanted to do, but were afraid of or didn’t have the chance to do before.
  • Keep a basketball, bat, softball and glove, swimsuit, Frisbee, golf club, tennis racket, walking shoes etc in the car year round. Take advantage of any chance to use them, especially if you’re away from home or out of your routine.
  • Participate in physical activity on a regular basis. Some people prefer scheduled classes, teams, groups or partners. Others want to go it alone. Just be sure to make the activity a priority and plan your day around it.
  • Pursuit of fitness can increase social life, challenge stamina, stretch flexibility and enhance physical abilities. It also can bring a new awareness, strength and confidence. The courage may spill over into the rest of your life, so watch out for changes. Your spirit may soar!