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Healthy Living Tips


Take Action For Yourself


Individual, consulting sessions - make a plan and follow it for a healthier lifestyle. Sample of consulting session topics/ goals for your plan:

Nutrition - Wholesome, practical food choices for your daily life and preferences.

Fitness - Activities you will do and enjoy to enhance and protect your body’s function.

Stress Hardiness – Ways to work through and thrive with challenges and change.

Lifestyle Balance - Methods for harmony in your work, home and community roles.

Health Management - Understanding and incorporating your doctor’s suggestions for your particular condition.

This is not a syndicated program; no products or supplements to buy. These are discussions with a registered nurse in a private, comfortable setting. The goal is for you to have answers for your questions about your health, devise a personal plan of action and start living healthier now.

Want to feel better about your body and your health? Willing to make a few changes and get going for you? Healthy Living sessions offer research-based information, structured accountability and encouraging support.


Terry Foody, RN, MSN, a certified clinical research coordinator with a master’s degree in nursing, has worked as a public health nurse in New York State and Kentucky, taught nursing students at KY State University, and coordinated research projects on medicines for high blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis and diabetes. Currently, she is the study nurse coordinator for a new vaccine therapy in lung cancer, a competitive mid-life athlete, and a speaker for Healthy Living.

  • Consulting sessions cost $75 initial, $60 follow-up.
  • Sessions are held at a business location of your choice.
  • Flexible days and times.
  • To arrange a session, please contact Terry.